Era of Smart Fabric

Incorporating performance designs into lifestyle solutions. We are against hazardous Perfluorinated compounds that pollute nature. Our Functional Fabrics are PFCs Free !

Our Functionality

Our nano yarns are a product of a state-of-the- art process whereby nano minerals and the natural materials for the fabric are infused and crystalized before extrusion. This more involved process enhances the nano characteristics when woven into fabric. Our nano fiber fabric is enhanced by natural energy. This novel technology enables clothing to be water resistant, dirt free, odorless, anti-UV and antibacterial, wash after wash. It is the next generation smart functional textile representing an evolution in the textile industry. Designed to meet a wide variety of applications in medical clothing, active wear and technical textiles for the special needs segment.

Our Commitment

We are against hazardous Perfluorinated compounds that pollute nature.
Our Functional Fabrics are PFCs Free!”

Smart Products


In the new era of competitive sport, minute changes in sports wear could be a matter of winning or losing. Nanotech innovation elevates the performance levels of athletes and reduces the chances of injury. This molecular level technology has the ability to change the landscape of sports forever.


Unlike previous clothes that needed to be specially designed to retain heat, or to stay cool, developments in nanotechnology enables clothing to do both at the same time; a form of personal climate control. Though this was designed for the extreme outdoor sports fanatics; there has been considerable interest among the elite sports enthusiasts. The capability to regulate your body temperature induces optimum performance.

Critical Care

A common complication of diabetes is slow wound healing which is a result of diabetic neuropathy which cause poor blood circulation. Consequently, blood does not flow to where the skin needs repair. Slow wound healing increases the risk of infection and increases the potential risk for foot ulcers and amputations. Recent advancement in nanotechnology shows promise of promoting tissue repair and accelerate wound healing in people with diabetes.