About Us

Egis Nanotech is a leading fabric innovation company providing nanotechnology-infused textile to the apparel, medical and industrial markets. We develop and produce highly functional textiles to improve performance in everyday products. Our innovative textiles are designed to simplify life. We love nature and respect nature lovers. We are against hazardous chemicals that pollute nature. Dunamis is PFC Free!


Our Nanotechnology

EGIS Dunamis products are a single layer 50nm permanent Nano Mineral Smart Functional Textile and are in compliant with EN13795 requirement, with thermostatic warm/cool, water repellent, antimicrobial, antibacterial and deodorization. It is the next generation smart functional textile. Representing an evolution in the smart functional textile industry, designed to meet the needs of final products in a variety of applications; in medical clothing, protective clothing, active wear and technical textiles for special needs segment.